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Lisa Corcoran

Lisa Corcoran knows how to travel in style, living by her own mantra, ‘If chic is out there, I will find it’. The go-to girl for luxury hotels, her site and blog, Passage To Luxury, should be your first port of call if only the softest slippers, the most stylish rooms and the slickest service will do.

The raison d'être for PASSAGE TO LUXURY is to provide a comprehensive online luxury guide for the time poor, discerning traveller. There are so many luxury travel sites to choose from that it can often be difficult to decide between them. Passage to Luxury offers a trusted directory of the best luxury travel companies available, with the emphasis being on quality not quantity. Should you be looking for a luxury ski holiday, a bespoke safari or a contemporary new hotel; Passage to Luxury is the hallmark of luxury travel.



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